Autophagic Degradation Targeting Chimera

  • Protein
  • Lipids
  • Organelles

What is ADTAC™

  • Deliver target molecules to the LC3 domain
  • Degrade through autophagy
  • Degrade even big-sized protein aggregates

Competitive advantages

Comparison Autophagy-lysosome is a major intracellular degradation system.

ADEL PROTAC autophagy
Protein (soluble) O O O
Protein (large aggregates) O X O
Others (lipids, DNA/RNA) O X O
Cellular organelles O X O
MOA Independent on E3-ligase, proteasome activity O X O
Direct targeting to autophagosome/lysosome O X X
Easy binding with the existing target binder O X X
  • ADTAC can degrade not only soluble proteins but also highly misfolded proteins or large-sized aggregates or lipids or even pathogens.
  • ADTAC can degrade damaged organelles
  • ADTAC is independent on proteasome activity
  • ADTAC is independent on E3-ligase